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This is my new song "log out/log in". You can download the score for free.

Download score "Log out/Log in" (68kb, PDF)


Jazz recordings mixed!

In nov 2007 I recorded four songs of mine with my jazz quartett. One of them (Parad för Fanken) is based on old swedish military signals. The ballad Stenungssund is a homage to bass player Henrik Melin who used to play in the quartett. Recording and excellent mix work was made at the music collage in Gothenburg by Erik Göransson and Silent Wood Production.

Tenor Saxophone - Tomas Olsson

Drums - David Arvidsson

Electric Bass - Yury Podlevskikh

Piano - Emil Svensson

Silent wood

(11/8 -09)

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Listen to samples!


Trudelutt - Emil Svensson

Frusna Fingar - Emil Svensson

Stenungsund - Emil Svensson

Parad för fanken - Emil Svensson


Ambivaländska Nationalsången

Tillägnad Februari

Röd Fredag

Låten som alla har saknat

Ja fast större

Billig Champagne

Arabesqua Droppar


Torbjörn och Åsas bröllopsmelodi