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Nicke P

The man. The myth. The Nicke P. Get to know my friend. Guds gift to the ladies, a Socrates amongst the chickens, the cream on the pudding.. Nicke P is now also on Youtube!

/Emil Svensson

Merry Christmas

Nicke P has always enjoyed celebrating christmas. Here is his anual contribution to old traditions and family values...


(17/12 -08)

Summer greetings!

What's a summer like without the precence of sunny Nicke P? Please sit down in your beach chair, take a deep breath and feel the summer breeze in this fresh film...


(14/6 -09)

Nicke P about inspiration

Experience a short subject with Nicke P defining one of the most esoteric parst of aesthetics: Inspiration.


(22/9 -08)

18 May. Photo session. Contemporary Music.


It was an ordinary Saturday. The hips started shaking. The knees did their thing. I've got the rhythm.


The rhythm started moving up my body. I can't stop it when it starts. I thought: "fighting face - here we go!"


When i'm loosing control, I feel happiness. I feel like i'm "one" with the marimba "one" with contemporary music. I let "fighting face!" go and think: "Avantgarde!"


There are no limits when i freak out. I love music, it's my life. Why?


I'm not only a musician, I also direct my music. Now the fantasy is free. I'm alive.


My inspiration: My way of living; my philosophy; my natural source.


I always want to finish my sessions by being one with my instrument. "Release the bird, he's free!"

Listen to the recordings!:

Contemporary Session - Nicke P


Get to know Nicke P!

Now you can corrspond with Nicke P! Go to the forum and click "Nicke P", and he will be your for a short time! "Release the bird, he's free!"

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