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Joymakers is a Dixieband from Göteborg. Do you like to stomp and dance? Contact us and we´ll come and play at your party, wedding or outside your evil neighbour's sauna.

/Emil Svensson

Joymakers plays at Göteborgsvarvet on Sat, May 16!

Ressurected and fresh, dixie orchestra Joymakers will play for thousands and thousands of running dixe lovers. You can see them playing nearby the seal's aquarium in Slottskogen. This time with clarinett and tuba!!

(11/5 -09)


In March 2006 Joymakers played at the famous Tranemo Jazz Club "Tre Trappor". Please scroll down and listen to some of the live recordings!

China Boy

Neh Nah Nah Nah



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