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Kafka film: Metamorphosis

A new film based on Kafka's "Metamorphosis" is being made in Göteborg, Sweden. A scilent film with musical setting made by Anders Fransson and Emil Svensson.


Room needed for filming!

Do you want to have your room in a film? We're looking for a old house/apartment, gladly with high ceiling and with that "1920"-touch!.


The kitchen "kök" won't be filmed that much, and doesn't have to be a kitchen really. The major part of the shooting will be made in "sovrum 1" and "matsal". The room "valfritt rum/storlek" kan be of any size.


Here is how the furnishing is ment to look like.

Contact us for more info!

Anders Fransson:

070-3720433, frozzmofrans@hotmail.com

Emil Svensson:

070-2319883, emil@vildbas.com



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